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Zeljko Djurovic, painter and graphic artist, was born on 12th December 1956 in Danilovgrad, Montenegro where he finished his primary and secondary education. He graduated from Fine Arts at the Academy of Applied Art in Belgrade, where he also gained his master. He has become a member of AFAS and Ex libris Society, Belgrade. He is also a member of international group Libellule, France. At present, he is working as an Associate Professor of drawing and painting at the Faculty of Philology and Arts, Kragujevac (FILUM).

Website address www.zeljkodjurovic.com

Solo exhibitions

  • 1980, Danilovgrad, House of Culture Danilovgrad – drawings (with Mladen Đurović), text in the Catalogue by Mladen Đurović
  • 1983, Belgrade, Graphic Collective Gallery – Drawings, text in the Catalogue by Ratko Božović
  • 1984, Danilovgrad, Educational Center – paintings
  • 1986, Belgrade, Atrium Gallery – drawings
  • 1987, Zemun, Stara kapetanija Gallery – paintings
  • 1987, Titograd, Gallery of the Youth Center – Paintings and Drawings, text in the Catalogue by Dejan Đorić
  • 1990, Sveti Stefan, Sveti Stefan Gallery – graphics
  • 1990, Belgrade, Gallery of Graphic Collective – graphics
  • 1992, Kragujevac, Little Art Gallery – graphics
  • 1993, Belgrade, 12+ Gallery – paintings
  • 1993, Belgrade, Gallery of the Cultural Center of Belgrade – paintings
  • 1996, Podgorica, Contemporary Art Centre – paintings,  text in the Catalogue by D. J. Danilov
  • 1996, Danilovgrad, Center for Culture – paintings, text in the Catalogue by D.J. Danilov
  • 1996, Kotor, Stari grad Gallery – paintings, text in the Catalogue D.J. Danilov
  • 1996, Kragujevac, Little Art Gallery – paintings
  • 1996, Sombor, Art Gallery – Paintings and Drawings, text in the Catalogue by Gordana M. Kelić
  • 1997, Belgrade, Roff VII Party Gallery, Erotica Party – Paintings and Drawings, text in the Catalogue by Gordana M. Kelić
  • 1997, Fribourg (Switzerland), Castle Gruyeres – Paintings and Drawings
  • 1997, Belgrade the Russian Center of Science and Culture, Dream Riders, Exhibition of paintings – Đurović, Aparin, Tonšić – paintings, text in the Catalogue by Sreto Bošnjak
  • 1998, Neuchatel (Switzerland), Temple allemande – paintings
  • 1998, Sombor, Gallery of Cultural Center, Đurović, Ivanović – paintings
  • 1998, Fribourg (Switzerland), Forum – paintings
  • 1999, Herceg Novi, Spinaker Gallery – paintings
  • 2000, Geneva (Switzerland), Atelier Jose Roosevelt – paintings
  • 2001, Belgrade, Gallery of AFAS – paintings
  • 2003, Tivat, Center for Culture – Paintings and Drawings
  • 2003, Danilovgrad, Center for Culture – Paintings and Drawings
  • 2004, Fribourg (Switzerland), Galerie de la Cathedrale – paintings
  • 2004, Belgrade, Gallery Progres – Paintings and Drawings, text in the Catalogue by Dragoslav Bokan, Etienne Chatton, Boris Jovanović Kastel
  • 2006, Belgrade, Art Point Gallery – paintings, text in the Catalogue by Ana Šćepanović
  • 2007, Fribourg, Atelier Contraste – drawings and graphics, text in the Catalogue by Etienne Chatton
  • 2008, Aranđelovac, Gallery 99 – Nedeljković, Paintings and Drawings, text in the Catalogue by E. Chatton.
  • 2010, Belgrade, SCC – paintings
  • 2010, Zemun, Gallery 107, paintings
  • 2010, Kragujevac, National Museum – paintings, drawings and graphics.
  • 2011, Smederevska Palanka, Željko Đurović and Zoran Ivanović, National Museum in Smederevska Palanka, September, Paintings and Drawings
  • 2012, Podgorica, Gallery of Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro, drawings and paintings
  • 2012, Budva, Gallery of the hotel Queen of Montenegro, drawings and paintings


  • 1980, ”A. Tomaševic” Award for the mosaic, Belgrade FAA
  • 1985, Award for drawings on the VII Belgrade 85 Exhibition
  • 1986, Redemption Award – Salon of the City of Zemun
  • 1991, Spring Award of Zemun Artistic Society
  • 1991, Special Award of Lions Club ”La Mole” Torino for the Ex libris, international exhibition, Italy
  • 1992, Redemption Award ”QUADRA” – exhibition of small graphics, Gallery of Graphics Collective Belgrade
  • 1995, Award ”Deveti Decembar” – Danilovgrad
  • 1998, the First Prize of the Biennial of Fine and Applied Arts of Serbia, Smederevo 98
  • 1999, Special Award of the Foundation ”MC Escher Jury, the Netherlands
  • 2005, The First Prize for fine art, VIII International Biennial of Miniatures Art, Gornji Milanovac
  • 2011, the First Prize “Ljubica Filipovic“ for the drawing, Kragujevac


  • In 1991 participation in the exhibition Meeting of Contemporary European Painting organized by the Artdeco Gallery, Avignon, France
  • In 1991 on the invitation of the Atelier Contraste of Fribour (Switzerland) creates a graphic for the Prix Contraste de l’ Estampe Originale
  • In 1994 the only Yugoslav painter participating in the First Exhibition of Fantastic Art in the World, named Du Fantastique au Visionnaire, organized in Venice, Italy
  • In 1995 participation in the international exhibition of contemporary art – Budapest Art Expo in Budapest
  • In 1996 participation in the Europart Exhibition, Genève (Switzerland)
  • In 1996 presented in the Encyclopedia bibliographical of the Art Contemporary Ex libris No 19, Artur Mario da Mota Miranda, Portugal
  • In 1998 Belgrade National Museum, Open Graphics Workshop – the author demonstrates making of graphic plate, mezzotint technique
  • In 1998 Fribourg Graphic Atelier Contraste (Switzerland) ordered and bought up graphic plate, mezzotint technique and printed it in the edition of 59+10 copyright prints for collectors
  • In 2001 participation in the exhibition of fantastic and visionary art ”Tra Sogno e Magia”, Comune di Piombino, Italy
  • In 2009 participation in the exhibition Genesis“, Chalk Farm Gallery, Santa Fe, USA
  • In 2009 Salon International des Arts Visionnaires, Chimeria, Sedan, France
  • In 2009 Grand Prix Internazionale, “Italia“, Castroreale, Sicily
  • In 2009 participation in the WAF exhibition, Los Angeles, USA
  • In 2010 International Mezzotint Festival, Yekaterinburg, Russia


  • Nikola Racković – Contributions to the lexicon of the Montenegrin culture, Central National Library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević”, Cetinje, 1987
  • Art Address Book 90, publisher Nova p.o. Belgrade, 1990, authoring project of Dragan Stojković and Roman Vehovec
  • Đoric, Dejan – Body and Soul paintings – independent publication of Slobodan Mašić, Belgrade, 1993
  • Mario De Filippis – Ex libris– Il lionismo in 150 ex libris, Rubbettino, 1996
  • Artur Mario da Mota Miranda, Encyclopedia bibliographical of the Art Contemporaru Ex libris No 19, Portugal, text by Benoit Juneod, 1996
  • E. Benezit, Dictionnare Critique et documentaire, Editions Grund, Paris, 1999
  • Ex libris – Bulletin 6, 1999 release of a complete opus of previously made ex libris, 1999
  • Nikola Kusovac, Đorđe Kadijević, Sreto Bošnjak, Triptych, The Challenge of Tradition, publisher Radionica duše, Belgrade, 2000
  • Dizionario enciclopedico internazionale d’arte contemporanea, Casa editrice alba, 2000/2001
  • Majher, Vesna – In the Studio – published by the author, 2001
  • Etienne Chatton, Tra Sogno e Magia, lalli Editore Siena, Italia, 2001.
  • Zeković, Nikčević, Radovanović, Čilikov, Dedić – The Lexicon of the Montenegrin artists AFAM, Podgorica, 2001.
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    • A.M da Mota Miranda – Contemporary International Ex – libris artist, publisher A.M.da M.M, Portugal 2012

Works can be found in:

• National Museum Belgrade, Graphics Department

• International Museum of Fantastic Art, Castle Gruyeres, Switzerland

• National Museum Kragujevac, Kragujevac

• As well, in many private collections in the country and abroad

TV shows about the author:

BEHIND the gates of Paradise, cultural education program editors Bozidar Nikolic, Vesko Butrić, directed by Ramadan Demirovic RTS TVB 2008

The artists, TV Politika, 09th April 2003

IN FAMILY – Visiting  Željko Đurović, TV IN, Montenegro, author Mary Razić, 2002



Željko Đurović je rođen 12. decembra 1956. godine u Danilovgradu, gde je završio osnovno i srednje obrazovanje. Studije slikarstva, kao i postdiplomske studije završio je na Faklutetu primenjenih umetnosti u Beogradu. Član je ULUS-a i Ex-libris društva iz Beograda. Član je internacionalne grupe umetnika „Libellule“ iz Francuske. Radi kao vanredni profesor FILUM-a  u Kragujevcu, gde predaje predmet crtanje i slikanje.

Internet adresa   www.zeljkodjurovic.com

Samostalne izložbe

  • 1980. Danilovgrad, Dom kulture Danilovgrad – crteži (sa Mladenom Đurovićem), tekst u katalogu Mladen Đurović
  • 1983. Beograd, Grafički kolektiv – crteži, tekst u katalogu Ratko Božović
  • 1984. Danilovgrad, Obrazovni centar – slike
  • 1986. Beograd, Galerija Atrijum – crteži
  • 1987. Zemun, Galerija Stara kapetanija – slike
  • 1987. Titograd, Galerija Dom omladine – slike i crteži, tekst u katalogu Dejan Đorić
  • 1990. Sveti Stefan, Galerija Sveti Stefan – grafike
  • 1990. Beograd, Galerija Grafički kolektiv – grafike
  • 1992. Kragujevac, Mali likovni salon – grafike
  • 1993. Beograd, Galerija 12+ – slike
  • 1993. Beograd, Galerija Kulturni centar Beograd – slike
  • 1996. Podgorica, Centar savremene umetnosti – slike,  tekst u katalogu D. J. Danilov
  • 1996. Danilovgrad, Centar za kulturu – slike, tekst u katalogu D. J. Danilov
  • 1996. Kotor, Galerija Stari grad – slike,  tekst u katalogu D. J. Danilov
  • 1996. Kragujevac, Mali likovni salon – slike
  • 1996. Sombor, Galerija Art – slike i crteži , tekst u katalogu Gordana M. Kelić
  • 1997. Beograd, Roff VII Party Gallery,  Erotica Party – slike i crteži, tekst u katalogu Gordana M. Kelić
  • 1997. Fribur, Švajcarska, zamak Grijer – slike i crteži
  • 1997. Beograd, Ruski dom, Jahači sna, Izložba slika – Đurović, Aparin, Tonšić – slike, tekst u katalogu Sreto Bošnjak
  • 1998. Nojšatel, Švajcarska, Temple alemand – slike
  • 1998. Sombor, Galerija kulturnog centra, Djurović, Ivanović – slike
  • 1998. Fribur (Švajcarska), Forum – slike
  • 1999. Herceg Novi, Galerija Spinaker – slike
  • 2000. Ženeva, Švajcarska, Atelier Jose Roosevelt – slike
  • 2001. Beograd, Galerija ULUS-a – slike
  • 2003. Tivat, Centar za kulturu – slike i crteži
  • 2003. Danilovgrad, Centar za kulturu – slike i crteži
  • 2004. Fribur, Švajcarska, Galerie de la Cathedrale – slike
  • 2004. Beograd, Galerija Progres – slike i crteži, tekst u katalogu Dragoslav Bokan, Etjen Šaton, Boris Jovanović Kastel
  • 2006. Beograd, Galerija Art Point – slike, tekst u katalogu Ana Šćepanović
  • 2007. Fribur, Atelie Contraste – crteži i grafike, tekst u katalogu Etjen Šaton
  • 2008. Aranđelovac, Galerija 99 – Nedeljković, slike i crteži, tekst u katalogu E. Šaton
  • 2010. Beograd, SKC – slike
  • 2010. Zemun, Galerija 107, slike
  • 2010. Kragujevac, Narodni muzej – slike, crteži i grafike
  • 2011. Smederevska  Palanka, Željko Đurović i Zoran Ivanović, Narodni muzej u Smederevskoj Palanci, slike i crteži
  • 2012. Podgorica, Galerija Centar za savremenu umjetnost Crne Gore, crteži i slike
  • 2012. Budva, Galerija hotela „Queen of Montenegro“, crteži i slike.

Dobitnik 12 nagrada za likovno stvaralaštvo, između ostalog :

  • 1998. Prva nagrada Bijenala likovnih i primenjenih umetnosti Srbije, Smederevo 98
  • 1999. Specijana nagrada žirija fondacije „MC Echer“, Holandija
  • 2005. Prva nagrada za slikarstvo, VIII međunarodni bijenale umetnosti minijatura, Gornji Milanovac

Zastupljen je u 27 knjiga iz oblasti umetnosti, kao i na preko 200 internet adresa.  Veb sajt  www.zeljkodjurovic.com  je dobitnik  11  internet  nagrada.

Radovi se nalaze u:

  • Narodni muzej Beograd, Kabinet grafike
  • Internacionalni muzej za fantastičnu umetnost zamak Gruyeres, Švajcarska
  • Narodni muzej Kragujevac, Kragujevac
  • kao i u mnogim privatnim zbirkama u zemlji i inostranstvu


TV emisije o autoru:


IZA RAJSKIH VRATA, Kulturno-obrazovni program, urednici Božidar Nikolić, Vesko Butrić, režija Ramadan Demirović, RTS-TVB 2008.

O UMETNIKU, TV Politika, 09.04.2003.

IN FAMILY – U poseti kod Željka Đurovića,  TV IN, Crna Gora, autor Marija Razić, 2002.


1991. učestvovao je na izložbi Susret savremenog evropskog slikarstva u organizaciji                 Galerije Ardeco iz Avinjona (Francuska)

1991. za Atelier Contraste iz Fribura (Švajcarska), pozivno radi grafiku za Prix Contraste de l’ Estampe Originale

1994. učestvovao je, kao jedini jugoslovenski slikar, na Prvoj svetskoj izložbi fantastične umetnosti pod nazivom Du Fantastique au Visionnaire održanoj u Veneciji

1995. učestvovao je na međunarodnoj izložbi savremene umetnosti  Budapest Art Expo u Budimpešti

1996. učestvovao je na izložbi Europart, Ženeva (Francuska)

1996. predstavljen je u Encyclopedia bibliographical of the Art Contemporaru Exlibris No 19, Artur Mario da Mota Miranda, Portugal

1998.Narodni muzej Beograd, Otvorena grafička radionica – autor demonstrira izradu grafičke ploče u tehnici mecotinte

1998. Grafički atelje Contraste iz Friburga (Švajcarska), naručuje i otkupljuje grafičku ploču u tehnici mecotinte i štampa je u tiražu 59+10 autorskih otisaka za kolekcionare

2001. učestvovao je na izložbi fantastične i vizionarske umetnosti ”Tra Sogno e Magia”, Comune di Piombino, Italija

2006., 2007, 2008. 2009.. Salon Comparaison, Pariz, Grand Palais

2008. L’ange exquis, etre ange etrange, Chaumont, Francuska

2009. L’ange exquis, Chateau de Vascoeuil, Francuska

2009. Po izboru američkih kritičara uvrscen u 14 umetnika iz Evrope za izlaganje na VISIONARY ART SHOW

2009. Učestvuje na izlozbi GENESIS, Chalk Farm Gallery, Santa Fe, USA

2009. Salon International des Arts Visionnaires, CHIMERIA, Sedan, Francuska

2009. Grand Prix Internazionale, „Italia“, Castroreale, Sicilija

2009. Učestvuje na izlozbi WAF, Los Andjeles, USA

2010. International Mezzotint Festival, Ekaterinburg, Rusija

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